Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been a while......Fall is here

Wow, it's been months since I have posted anything on here. Lets see, so much has happend since April. We moved in May so Cora is now at a new school. She seems to be adjusting, especially to 4th grade. She got her first report card for this year and did very well. She's made lots and lots of friends and spends alot of time outside playing with them. She learned how to ride the bike that her dad got her for her birthday and has plenty of room here to ride it. She joined the chorus group at school... she is very excited about that. Her first concert is Dec 9. She's become so much more independent in the past few months and swears she is always right... and i'm sure that is only gonna get worse as she gets older.

Damien turned 3 in September and my has he GROWN!! He's starting potty training now and he eats like he's never full.. luckily it's mostly healthy stuff. He loves fruits and vegetables. And his terrible two's actually weren't so bad compared to the now tortureous three's!!! He knows how to throw fits and let me tell you - it's not fun at all! He's also very independent. Thankfully he doesn't watch the movie CARS 6 times a day anymore. He loves playing with his cousin Tyler and can't wait for Tyler and Cora to get home from school

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Spring!

Basket Cases


Damien and Kaydence

Well, it's been a few months since I have updated this blog. Cora and Damien are growing fast. I swear I can't believe my little girl just turned 9!! And she acts like she's 15 sometimes. She's turning into such a beautiful girl. She has made A/B honor roll at school every grading period this school year. Damien is working on potty training - well trying to. He doesn't really seem interested in using the potty, but he knows when he goes. He is talking up a storm all of a sudden. The most hilarious thing is when he watches his favorite movies, he acts them out. SOOOO FUNNY!!! I'll try to post the video if I can, but it probably wont work.
But he has a crush on my friend's baby Kaydence. Everytime they see eachother they give kisses. He calls her KK and she calls him day day.
Well, that's all I can think of for now...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

The fire is burning, the room's all aglow
outside the december wind blows
away in the distance, the carolers sing in the snow
everybody's laughing
the world is celebrating
and everyone's so happy
except for me tonight

Because I miss you
most at Christmas time
And I can't get you, get you off my mind
every other season, comes along and I'm alright
But then I miss you
most at Christmas time

I gaze out the window this cold winter's night
at all of the twinkling lights
alone in the darkness, remembering when you were mine
everybody's smiling
the whold world is rejoicing
and everyone's embracing
except for you and I

Because I miss you
most at Christmas time
And I can't get you, get you off my mind
every other season, comes along and I'm alright
But then I miss you
most at Christmas time

Friday, December 19, 2008

Meeting Mackenzie (2007)

Mackenzie Joy Foster has arrived! A few short months after Cora and I went to see Eva, we went back to Washington to meet the beautiful little angel! I can't believe she's already over a year old as I'm writing this!
So yeah, taking 2 kids on an airplane, really not that fun when one of them is only 8 months old. Why don't airplanes have changing stations?? Can someone please please tell me why?? It was total hell LOL. But all so worth it and I'd do it over and over again! The kids had a blast spending time with Eva, Matt & Mackenzie. Mac is such a sweet little girl. She smiled at me the first time I held her! It's really hard being so far away from them. I always thought Eva and I would raise our kids together and they would grow up together... I just hope they are always the best of friends no matter how much distance is between them. I'm posting a recent picture of Mackenzie also. She's so freaking cute!

Eva, Matt & Mackenzie - Christmas 2008

Cora goes to Washington! (March 2007)

Cora and I went to see Eva and Matt while they were awaiting the arrival of little Mackenzie Joy! Eva flew the two of us out there so we could be there for her baby shower. It was so nice to get to see my sister again after nearly 3 years! We had so much fun. Cora absolutley loved getting to go on her first airplane ride. It was long but she wasn't scared at all. The trip back home was an adventure! We almost missed our flight... which would've been fine with me. I would've loved to spend more time with Eva. We barely made it through security when they were boarding our plane so we literally had to high tail it to the gate. There was some jackass sitting behind us who scared Cora to death! We were getting into Baltimore and we hit alot of turbulance, and the guy behind us started talking about the plane crashing into the water and stuff...who the hell does that around little kids??

Thursday, December 18, 2008